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5 / 5 Stars
Whitney Good - Nov 9, 2018
I have a 3yo bulldog who LOVES antlers, normally goes through them so quick. But i think the elk antlers will have him occupied for awhile. The quality is great, the size is great & my dog loves them. Definitely will be coming back for some more! Also shipping was fast!

5 / 5 Stars
Anne Sbarbaro - Nov 7, 2018
Opened the box thinking it would be the same small pieces as the rest and my dog would be done with in a day. To my suprise there were two big beautiful pieces of antler and a week later she is still chewing on the first piece. Thank you for keeping a heavy chewer busy!!

5 / 5 Stars
tf7022 - Nov 5, 2018
These are the best elk antlers I have found. We have a 120 Cane Corso and he absolutely loves these antlers. One antler will last him about 3 months. Buy them, you won’t be disappointed!

5 / 5 Stars
Steven Marsh - Nov 3, 2018
We have two great danes who can go through most chews in hurry. These elk antlers hold up. Thanks again for the quick shipment.

5 / 5 Stars
Stefan Voogel - Oct 19, 2018
The antlers I received are of a very high quality. My dog loves them already. The price is reasonable. Customer service very responsive and friendly. Can highly recommend.

5 / 5 Stars
Archie Dixon - Oct 13, 2018
tootie loves her antlers

Larger than expected
5 / 5 Stars
Kristie - Oct 3, 2018
I usually buy my antlers from Petco or PetSmart. I get the L or XL and pay between $15-$25 for each one. I went by the weight guide when ordering these antlers and got 1lb of medium whole antlers. These things are huge! About 2 inches longer and almost double the size around than the ones I usually buy. I was worried my pup wouldn’t be able to get his mouth around these, but he hasn’t put it down since I gave it to him. They are most definitely more cost efficient than big box pet stores. Next time I may order the small whole antlers but I am happy with my purchase. The process and shipping time was super quick as well. Here is a picture of my frenchie Juan Franco enjoying his new antler.

5 / 5 Stars
Brandon Wilkenson - Sep 26, 2018
Been trying to find a large elk antler for my bullmastiff this is far larger than I could have imagined this thing is massive. My bullmastiff absolutely loves it.

Long Lasting...
5 / 5 Stars
Gaby - Aug 29, 2018
Both my pups love these antlers... they carry them from room to room. And sometimes lay on them so they don't have to share!

Perfect value
5 / 5 Stars
Amanda - Aug 29, 2018
I purchased a pound of large antlers, which ended up being 2 chunks that are usually sold at Petsmart as XL or even XXL. A bit larger than I was expecting, but the 3 big dogs in the house are completely happy, and the small dog keeps stealing one away to chew on even though it’s bigger than her head. I’ll order another batch in medium for her! Limited marrow exposure means it’ll last longer, so my wallet is also happy. Shipped all the way to Alaska pretty quickly, well packaged, and updated with emails when order was processed, shipped, and arrived here. Very pleased with the whole experience and will absolutely order again. I’ve included pictures of my 3 dogs enjoying them. For size reference:. Chewbacca the GSD/chow/basset is a stubby-legged 50 lbs dog.

5 / 5 Stars
Gina D - Aug 26, 2018
Excellent antler. Monster sized. Perfect for my 130lb Cane Corso. He loves it. Very happy. Worth the money

5 / 5 Stars
Kara Velinov - Aug 22, 2018
Thank you for your easy to order website and very prompt delivery. I am very impressed with this eco-friendly, natural product and the quality of your service! Our new puppy, James is loving his new natural chew toy!

Great Quality
5 / 5 Stars
JT - Aug 20, 2018
I have bought a lot of different brand Elk Antler. This by far is the freshest I have seen. The rich dark color, soft.

5 / 5 Stars
Theran Kubitz - Aug 14, 2018
Best size and price for these type of Antlers by far. Love you guys

Amazing Quality!
5 / 5 Stars
Melanie Eisenberg - Aug 3, 2018
My babies LOVE your antlers! This is the 4th time we have purchased your product and each time the quality has been amazing! Keep up the great work!

Happy puppy!
5 / 5 Stars
Stephanie - Jul 30, 2018
My dog has not stopped gnawing on this antler since it showed up! Will buy another

5 / 5 Stars
Melanie - Jul 26, 2018
Our boys LOVE your antlers!!!

5 / 5 Stars
Dan Stearman - Jul 25, 2018
Very impressed with the quality and size of the elk antler that was shipped to us. We would recommend purchasing from Elk Antler Dog Chews ;-)

5 / 5 Stars
Shannon Holt - Jun 25, 2018
This is the second time I have ordered from These are quality antlers that are naturally shed. I have ordered from others and the antlers were hard like cement and my dog could not chew them. These are of good quality. Thank you

5 / 5 Stars
I got the XL Elk Antler and it is even bigger than I imagined! My 140 lb Great Dane LOVES this thing. AND we received it in two days. Will definitely be ordering again!!

5 / 5 Stars
Tom McDonnell - Jun 5, 2018
We have a nine month old puppy that spends her life chewing and this is her favorite. She has chewed off the knuckle and not a single splinter have we noticed.All we have to do is hand her this and she is immediately distracted for an hour or more! Thanks for your help saving our furniture!! :-))

5 / 5 Stars
Diane McCaffity - May 1, 2018
This is at least my 3rd order from elkantlerdogchews. Most are for my dogs, but I've given some away to friends' dogs. I have 2 super power chewers (German Shepherd Dog & American Bulldog) that have gnawed the Large antlers down to a nub. I then got Extra-Large but they have disappeared somewhere - perhaps one of the dogs took them outside? Now, we have the split Giant size. The dogs LOVE that the marrow is right there. These are long, but not bulky. The only problem is that they slide under the couch sometimes when the dogs start really working on them! The company is great- very prompt service. I got the box in less than a week. I don't have any photos of my dogs with their antlers, but they do love them.

5 / 5 Stars
Sunny Harris - Apr 28, 2018
Great chews for my pups and puppies that I raise ! This last purchase will go out of country because their pups LOVE them too !

Excellent product - highly recommend
5 / 5 Stars
Kim - Apr 18, 2018
Our mixed breed rescue Sammy is 11 months old and will chew up anything from a stuffed toy to a steel toed boot. He loves these antlers. Their sturdy which means he can chew for hours and make little progress, they're all natural so we can let him chew without worrying about what he consumes; and he finds the flavor to be satisfying. He was very happy when we opened the box and he saw the antlers.
From the human perspective, these items are quality, strong, natural and something I feel good about giving to my boys to assist in their desire to chew. I highly recommend them.

Perfect size, and amazing price
5 / 5 Stars
Kim - Apr 18, 2018
We're fostering a dog that we believe is lab and greyhound mix. This boy chews toys up faster than we can buy them. He destroyed a tennis ball in under 20 minutes! He loves these Gobstoppers. They are solid which stands up to his strong bite. They must be flavorful because they keep his attention for hours; and we feel good about giving them to him knowing that they're all natural. The value for the price exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend this product for any dog who enjoys chewing/bones.

Excellent price, quick delivery and quality product
5 / 5 Stars
Kim - Apr 18, 2018
My yellow lab Gus, loves to chew on the split bones. He will spend hours working at the marrow. We have found these bones to be the best quality, and long lasting available. Thank you for making a solid product available, at a reasonable cost for our furry children.

Spoiled Dog tested and approved
5 / 5 Stars
Kim - Apr 18, 2018
Beau is a very aggressive chewer. He's been known to destroy any typical toy in record time. These antlers have kept him busy for hours. He enjoys the flavor, they stand up to his aggressive chewing and make for days of calm while he spends his days enjoying the antlers. These are the highest quality, most reasonably priced ones I've been able to find. Thank you!

5 / 5 Stars
Donald Martin - Apr 15, 2018
Received antler extremely quick. Easy transaction, GSD loves it. Clean, odor free and great product. Would highly recommend.

5 / 5 Stars
Joanne Reilley - Apr 7, 2018
My dogs love their elk antlers!!! Thank you for your awesome products and service!

5 / 5 Stars
Amanda - Feb 22, 2018
My pup, Olsen, absolutely loves these things! I've been so impressed with the size and quality of these. I ordered the small split antlers and they were bigger than I thought they would be, which Olsen definitely does not mind. The shipping was fast! Love this and will definitely be buying more in the future.

5 / 5 Stars
Rebecca Hull - Feb 20, 2018
This is the second time I'm purchasing these antlers,and this time, I bought in bulk. Why? Because my dogs love them! They love the split antlers, AND the whole antlers. What a great product! Thank you!

Good for puppies.
5 / 5 Stars
Donna Rotondo - Feb 4, 2018
This was my first order and Bailey seems to love it. She is a puppy and needs to chew constantly. Would highly recommend.

5 / 5 Stars
John M. - Dec 15, 2017
Our Boxer loves these chews! We had problems with raw hide chews as he tried to eat them whole, which scared us the first and only time it happened. But with the XL whole antlers he is forced to gnaw them down a little at a time. We buy a 2 pound bag which always has 3 really nice sized antler sections, and they last 6-8 months of relentless chewing. There are no dyes or flavorings added, so they do not stain your carpet of upholstery. Bonus, they are so much cheaper than the ones you buy at pet stores. Finally, shipping is very reasonable, and they always arrive in 3 days. Love this site!

Best price, best quality, happy dog!
5 / 5 Stars
Brigit - Nov 28, 2017
I love these Elk Antlers. My Bailey is a 7 year old lab/pitbull mix who has destroyed every other chew I have given her within a matter of minutes. These Elk Antlers are strong and durable, they last months and she LOVES them. They have saved me a great deal of money as I am not going through chews so fast anymore. The service is excellent and I always get a sweet thank you note on the invoice from the company. I will continue to buy these chews for my dog and have recommended them to several friends.

Wonderful for our Mastiff!
5 / 5 Stars
Lacy - Nov 23, 2017
Our six month old Mastiff puppy loves these antlers! I definitely recommend these for the big chewers in your home!

These are awesome
5 / 5 Stars
Sandy Skinner - Oct 29, 2017
I have two Great Danes and they love these. Finally something they can chew to keep them busy and not destroy! The XL size is perfect for them! My boys are 190 lbs and 160 lbs each. We need big strong toys!

It's a Winner!
5 / 5 Stars
Maggie - Sep 21, 2017
My 14 month old pit baby loves it so far!! She has had it almost non stop since it got here earlier today. Considering she destroys all toys & ropes with an hour and store bought antlers and horns are no where near as thick, I don't see myself worrying with the pet store for those items in the future. It costs more than what you spend at the pet store, but if you are tired of wasting money for your heavy chewer, I'm gonna go ahead and say it's worth it!

Excellent quality. Great price.
5 / 5 Stars
Erin - Aug 19, 2017
Our German Shepherd Lola loves her antlers! She tears through any other chews and toys in no time. Finding these antlers at an affordable price was a wonderful find for us because large antlers are the only thing we can trust our aggressive chewer with. The antlers came in 2 days, along with a handwritten thank you on the invoice. They are great quality and the extra large is the perfect size for Lola. We are happy to support a family business and will be supporting Don and family again!

5 / 5 Stars
Kelly - Aug 14, 2017
We have been buying the whole premium elk antler dog chews and our labs love them. The antlers last a long time and the dogs chew on them for hours.

Great Buy!
5 / 5 Stars
Mike - Jul 7, 2017
I have a 4 year Aussie that chews on his Elk antlers 4 hours. I've always purchased them at Pet Smart. I typically pay $30-$40 for a piece half the size of one of these. I've looked at several online sites over the for better deals, but I found all of them hard to determine exactly what I would get for my money. I found the products descriptions on this site are spot on. I am amazed at the size of these and the overall quality. I highly recommend these! Thanks for a great product!

Our Boxer Loves Them!
5 / 5 Stars
Tracy - Apr 10, 2017
First time our boxer Moose has had Elk Antlers. He loves them and has carried it around chewing on it for last hour since giving it to him.
Thank you for the fast shipping. The Elk Antlers are a great product and totally recommend them.

5 / 5 Stars
John - Mar 22, 2017
I have purchased these antlers 3 times now and I have never been disappointed in any way. My dogs love them, they are a great price and truly long lasting. I recommend them highly!

5 / 5 Stars
RogerJ - Mar 13, 2017
Better deal than my local pet store by far. It even looks to be of better quality. shipping cost kind of a bummer.

5 / 5 Stars
Bill - Feb 5, 2017
My 89 lb. Shepherd went thru PetCo and Pet Smart antlers in a week. I received a whole antler in late Nov. $40 including shipping. There is about 4 1/2 inches left but time to renew.

5 / 5 Stars
Anne - Dec 29, 2016
I don't know where to start; she ate my prescription sunglasses, my favorite shoes, dryer sheets, paper towels, ponytail bands, sox....etc. I bought everything PetSmart had and she was not satisfied. I bought another vendor's elk antler, too, without any luck but the split 8 in antler of your brand is the winner. I thank you and my remaining few pairs of shoes do, too.

5 / 5 Stars
Dan R - Dec 12, 2016
I have a husky and a Belgian Shepherd husky mix that are heavy chewers. Before finding this site I was spending $120+ a month on elk antlers at a local shop. I took a chance and ordered them from this site and to my pleasant surprise I received some great Antlers! My boys are thrilled as am I! I will be ordering again!

5 / 5 Stars
Florian - Dec 8, 2016
Flex is a happy and energetic GSD with desire to chew everything that looks appetizing. I went thru many antlers bought from Petco and Amazon to only be highly disappointed by the price and quality. I would order the "giant" and they were 6-7 inches and very thin. He would chew thru in 2-3 weeks. I first discover while doing comprehensive search online. I can not express my gratitude for the amazing customer service and quality of their products. Flex is obsessed with his new chews and they are truly GIANT, 11-12 inches and really thick. There is no doubt that you will hear from us very often. Thank you for making Flex and I happy.
Flex & Flo

5 / 5 Stars
Audry, Pistachio and Krypto - Dec 1, 2016
Hello there,

My name is Audrey, and I'm writing this email to simply share how much I love your elk antlers! I have been a long time buyer, and let me tell you that my dogs (Bulldog and German Shepherd) go nuts over your antlers. They keep our teething shepherd puppy busy for hours and save our limbs from being gnawed off by his adorable, yet deadly puppy teeth. I'm sure a lot of people write emails only to point out the negative, and I just wanted to send over a little sunshine, which is exactly what our dogs give us!
You're doing great work, and it is appreciated in our household that your company strives to make quality dog chews, they're a real treat for our dogs. It's great having peace of mind that my fur-kids are enjoying a quality chew that will last for months on end. Our medium whole antler has lasted our Bulldog months and months!
We would love to try more of your wonderful products. If you have any samples or coupons you could send my way it would be more than appreciated. Have a great day!

Lots of love,
Audrey (as well as Pistachio and Krypto)