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5 / 5 Stars
Steve Fiesler - Mar 12, 2023
My Bullmastiff loves it and still carrying it around after three days!

5 / 5 Stars
Sterling Cone - Jan 30, 2023
I was surprised at the density & weight of the section of Elk antler that I received.
My 78 lb German Shepherd circled it for several days before doing a taste test, then accepting it as an article to gnaw on, nose & toss around.

Best elk antlers. Muggzy loves them
5 / 5 Stars
Pat Matsumoto - Jan 11, 2023
Antlers were cleaned and trimmed for safe and long lasting chews.

5 / 5 Stars
Barb Wilhelm - Jan 10, 2023
OK, so I was super surprised at how big and heavy these bad boys are. I have 2 Rotts and they LOVE to chew - This is their new favorite go-to! I will be buying more from your guys. And ...THANKS for keeping my furniture & pillows in tact :)

Love the medium split Rocky Mountain Gobstoppers
5 / 5 Stars
Goose - Dec 27, 2022
My name is Goose. I’m a miniature sheepadoodle living in Utah. My grandparents gave me a bone for Christmas! As you can see it’s delicious and I love it!

5 / 5 Stars
Lynda Molter - Dec 13, 2022
Aspen will be a happy pup Christmas morning.

5 / 5 Stars
Linda Langford - Nov 13, 2022
I was referred to these split elk antler chews by a Texas schnauzer breeder who is very picky about what her dogs eat. My dogs loved these in seconds!! Very pleased with fast shipment and seller communication.

5 / 5 Stars
Kim Heuser - Nov 12, 2022
My dog Harley loves them. They arrived a lot sooner than I thought they would. Thank you!

5 / 5 Stars
Jana Jennings - Oct 21, 2022
The elk antlers are a hit with our three schnauzers. It is the first thing they look for in the morning and they work on them off and on all day.

She loves it!
5 / 5 Stars
Frank Miller - Oct 20, 2022
Elsie is an aggressive chewer. Keeps her occupied for hours. More please!

5 / 5 Stars
Melanie Oneill - Sep 26, 2022
My Schnauzer loves these and will definitely make sure we have these on hand! Thank you

5 / 5 Stars
Lori Rosman - Aug 2, 2022
This is our second time ordering and like before, they are huge, last a long time and my extreme chewers love them!

5 / 5 Stars
Jenna Grove - Aug 2, 2022
My husky loves these antlers! The quality is great and it lasts her awhile!

5 / 5 Stars
Elaine Thompson - Jul 4, 2022
I purchased these due to a recommendation from the breeder of my miniature 15 pound schnauzer. I also have a miniature long-haired dachshund. The schnauzer immediately started chewing on these and the doxie was a little hesitant; however, that is typical of this particular doxie. Anything new takes him a while to investigate it. Both dogs loved them.

First time I’ve used these and I’m impressed. So are my miniature schnauzers. Keeps them busy for hours.
PETITE-SPLIT Rocky Mountain Gobstoppers Brand -Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews By-The-Pound
5 / 5 Stars
Karen Pattillo - Jun 30, 2022

FINALLY...a "toy" to satiate his chewing drive.
MONSTER WHOLE Rocky Mountian Gobstoppers-Premium Elk Antler Dog Chew
5 / 5 Stars
Savanah - Jun 29, 2022
I have an almost 12 month old Golden Retriever- his attention span is essentially non-existent; except when it comes to looking for things to chew on. Until now, yak chews were my one and only saving grace for him. Lasting maybe a few days to a week if I gave them to him in short bursts. But THIS? He's obsessed; and he hasn't even made mark on it. I can let him have it as often as he likes and not have to worry. Hoping his interest in it lasts as long as I think it will...

5 / 5 Stars
Cheryle Guillet - Apr 26, 2022
Elk Antler Dog Chews are the best.

5 / 5 Stars
Kathryn King - Apr 22, 2022
Finally, a chew bone my Schnauzer can’t consume in 3 bites. She mush enjoy it, because I see her constantly chewing on it. Thanks. Good product to keep my little girl satisfied!

5 / 5 Stars
KURT - Apr 17, 2022
We have a Bernese Mountain dog who loves the Elk Antlers. He will work on one for a while and come back day after day for that last one bite. When it's mostly gone, he will bring it to you to see about an exchange for a new one.
Appreciate the available sizes to select. Thanks for the quick service too.

5 / 5 Stars
Donald Martin - Feb 23, 2022
Very surprised at how fast i got GSD loves them...awesome job...will buy again.

5 / 5 Stars
Donna Goodwin - Jan 29, 2022
I like dealing with an individual who has ownership in the company. Being able to call the company and speak to a real person who knows the product and can help you is a company I will continue to order from. The product was exactly as described and it arrived quickly.

5 / 5 Stars
LW - Dec 14, 2021
We have ordered the elk antler chews several times and they have never disappointed. Our dogs LOVE these!! Great for aggressive chewers!! We highly recommend this product to anyone who has dogs who enjoy chewing!!