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Larger than expected
Larger than expected
5 / 5 Stars
Kristie - Oct 3, 2018
I usually buy my antlers from Petco or PetSmart. I get the L or XL and pay between $15-$25 for each one. I went by the weight guide when ordering these antlers and got 1lb of medium whole antlers. These things are huge! About 2 inches longer and almost double the size around than the ones I usually buy. I was worried my pup wouldn’t be able to get his mouth around these, but he hasn’t put it down since I gave it to him. They are most definitely more cost efficient than big box pet stores. Next time I may order the small whole antlers but I am happy with my purchase. The process and shipping time was super quick as well. Here is a picture of my frenchie Juan Franco enjoying his new antler.