GIANT-SPLIT Rocky Mountian Gobstoppers Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews (By-the-Pound)

GIANT-SPLIT Rocky Mountian Gobstoppers Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews (By-the-Pound) GIANT-SPLIT Rocky Mountian Gobstoppers Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews (By-the-Pound)
GIANT-SPLIT Rocky Mountian Gobstoppers Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews (By-the-Pound) GIANT-SPLIT Rocky Mountian Gobstoppers Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews (By-the-Pound)

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 Fast 2-4 day shipping via USPS PRIORITY MAIL is just $7.95 for 2-18 pounds! Stuff your Dog's cart full with Antler treats for the same low flat rate shipping!

Buy Elk Antlers for your Dog in Bulk and Save Money today!

Fresh antlers are nearly impossible chip or splinter when they are being chewed unlike processed bones, or other lesser quality antler chews. Your Dog's chewing action grinds the antler down very slowly.

Antlers have virtually no odor or residue to get on your carpet or furniture. Antlers will vary in shape, thickness and color so no two antler pieces are alike, chances are your dog will enjoy the variety of these antler chews.

With elk antlers there is only one Ingredient, antlers are an annually renewable resource containing no artificial or added Hormones, Antibiotics, Nasty & Smelly Slaughterhouse Animal By-Products, Steroids, Chemicals or Preservatives.

Always supervise your dog when giving treats. Discard any small leftover pieces that could possibly be swallowed. Always provide plenty of fresh, clean water.

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Price: $ 38.50 per pound

General Information

Our GIANT-SPLIT Rocky Mountain Gobstoppers Elk Antler Chews are made from the highest quality Elk antlers Available anywhere! These sturdy Split-Antler chews allow your Dog safe and easy access to the healthy and yummy marrow center!

Available here By-The-Pound,  (Quantity-1 = 1 pound)

  • LENGTH- 10-12" in Long
  • YIELD- Average 1 per pound
    WIDTH- 2-3" Wide
All Natural Elk Antler Dog Chews
 LengthWeightRecommended Dog Size
Giant Whole 10-12" 14-24 oz. 75 pounds and up
X-Large Whole 8.5-10.5" 10-14 oz. 50-75 pounds
Large Whole 7.5-10.5" 7-10 oz. 35-50 pounds
Medium Whole 6.5-7.5" 4-7 oz. 20-35 pounds
Small Whole 5.5-6.5" 2-4 oz. 10-20 pounds
Petite 4-5.5" 1-2 oz. 5-10 pounds
*We recommend our Split Antlers for small Dogs and Puppies*
***Weight and size are not absolute as elk antlers naturally vary***

The secret is out! Dogs find fresh Elk Antler Chews irresistible! Let your Dog be a Dog, unlock his natural instincts the healthy way and order some Premium Elk Antler Chews today!

Our Premium Antler chews are 100% all natural, odor-free and very long lasting. These antler dog chews come right out of nature each spring shortly after the elk drops them, so they are completely unprocessed!

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Awesome for Intense Chewers
5 / 5 Stars
Awesome for Intense Chewers
This is my second time ordering elk antlers for our (2) Argentino Dogo. Both dogs weigh over 100lbs and no toy/chew has ever lasted longer than 12 hours. These antler keep them busy for weeks at a time and are the only treat/toy we have purchased that actually lasts. We found that the "split" antlers keep their attention longer than other antler options.
Thank you so much!!!!
5 / 5 Stars
Wow, fast shipping. Exactly what is described. My 100+ lbs dog loves it. And after 3 days is still working on it and will be for weeks to come. Thanks!
The big guy loves it
5 / 5 Stars
The big guy loves it
Purchased the 1lb elk antler, he loves it so much that even when he’s not chewing on it ... he holds it.
Excellent product & service
5 / 5 Stars
This is at least my 3rd order from elkantlerdogchews. Most are for my dogs, but I've given some away to friends' dogs. I have 2 super power chewers (German Shepherd Dog & American Bulldog) that have gnawed the Large antlers down to a nub. I then got Extra-Large but they have disappeared somewhere - perhaps one of the dogs took them outside? Now, we have the split Giant size. The dogs LOVE that the marrow is right there. These are long, but not bulky. The only problem is that they slide under the couch sometimes when the dogs start really working on them! The company is great- very prompt service. I got the box in less than a week. I don't have any photos of my dogs with their antlers, but they do love them.
Labradoodle puppy finally chewing something of her own
5 / 5 Stars
I don't know where to start; she ate my prescription sunglasses, my favorite shoes, dryer sheets, paper towels, ponytail bands, sox....etc. I bought everything PetSmart had and she was not satisfied. I bought another vendor's elk antler, too, without any luck but the split 8 in antler of your brand is the winner. I thank you and my remaining few pairs of shoes do, too.